Core Project Management | Low Level Road Project

Low Level Road Project

Justin Pedley acted as Project Director for Port Metro Vancouver (PMV) who is delivering the project on behalf of six funding partners (PMV, Transport Canada, CN, CP, TransLink, and City of North Vancouver).

The $101.8m, 2.6km linear road project in North Vancouver City is a key PMV initiative that is designed to facilitate the expansion of rail and improvement of Port operations that are required to meet growing international trade demands, while minimizing the effects of this growth on local communities.

Key elements of the project include:

  • Elevating 2.6km of Low Level Road and realigning it to the north
  • Providing space for two new rail tracks
  • Eliminating three existing at-grade rail crossings and providing a new grade separated port access bridge
  • Intersection and road safety improvements at four intersections
  • Upgrading, and creating dedicated bike lanes, pedestrian facilities, and new Spirit Trail elements including an overpass over East 3rd street and a
  • 200ft suspension bridge.