Core Project Management | 232nd Street Overpass

232nd Street Overpass

Justin Pedley acted as Project Director for Port Metro Vancouver (PMV) who is delivering the project on behalf of three funding partners (PMV, Transport Canada, and CP).
The $25.5m, Design-Build – Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) overpass road project in the Township of Langley is a key PMV initiative that is designed to facilitate the expansion of rail and improvement of Port operations that are required to meet growing international trade demands, while minimizing the effects of this growth on local communities.

Project Components

  • A two-lane overpass replacing the 232nd street-level crossing of the rail tracks between 75th Avenue and 76A Avenue
  • Allows for the possible future westward extension of the Rawlison rail siding which will increase rail capacity
  • A shared pedestrian/cyclist lane on both sides of the overpass with a protective concrete barrier
  • A vertical realignment of 75th Avenue to connect with 232nd Street at approximately 4.5 metres above existing ground level
  • Roundabout at intersection of 72nd Avenue and 232nd Street